What is Porter24?

Digitial Concierge Network

Porter 24 is a digital concierge network that aims to bring a seamless interactive experience to hotel guests through our user-friendly touch screen displays. Porter24 allows you to strategically showcase your business on to travelers in your area and potentially receive thousands of impressions each day through our screens. Our screens are tailored with the guest in mind, giving them guidance on the best experiences and deals in their city, as well as keeping them updated on their flights, the weather, and hotel information.



Showcase your business  

In addition to branding and information, your ad will tell the story of your business, inviting the guest in. While on the advertisement screen, the guest can see contact information, hours, and the offer from your business.



The "Hero" is the main focus of your advertisement that can include photography, information, and branding of your business. It is located at the center of your ad screen




The offer shows up on the right hand side of the screen next to the hero. Guests can send exclusive offers directly to their smartphone with email and QR capability.


This is how your ad will appear next to other ads in your category on the touch display.  It acts as a navigation that leads to your main advertising page